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Las Vegas -  Thoughts for Preppers

Las Vegas - Thoughts for Preppers 0

Las Vegas is now the worst shooting in American history (if you don’t count Wounded Knee etc).  59 dead, hundreds wounded/injured by a “single” gunman 32 floors up in the air. At least that’s the current official story. 


For preppers the immediate concerns in mass casualty events are as follows:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Decisive Action
  • Helping Others


Situational Awareness:

Terror Attacks and Mass Murder events except for the odd stabbing are usually targeted at places where large groups of people gather.  Obvious but we are not going to stop living our lives, we love concerts, movies, restaurants and walking areas like we saw in Nice or the Ramblas in Spain.  But while living our lives it is critical to do some thinking. 


Where are the exits, what are possible approaches for an attacks?  If there is an attack what is the first choice of exit, second choice?


Where is the “rally” point, the place where you will reconnect with friends and family if you get separated.  Could be initially the car, then a large street intersection nearby or a hotel that is visible. 


These actions dont take long, exits are always well marked but a little bit of planning could be a life saver.


Decisive Action:

Fight or Flight is the immediate decision.  Like the brave man in the UK restaurant row attack who engaged the three Islamic terrorists and while wounded critically he likely saved many lives, including his own.  Alternatively, having decided which exit is closest and being prepared to recognize an attack for what it is (not firecrackers, cars backfiring, etc.) you may be able to exit the scene unharmed.  Remember in an emergency exits will get crowded, many injuries in Las Vegas were from trampling at the exits.  Falling in a compressed crowd could be deadly. 


If you choose to fight, use a weapon if you have one, though often a concealed carry firearm in not permitted in a concert venue.  Grab a chair, use a fire extinguisher or a fire ax or fire hose, throw bottles, glasses, silverware, ashtrays, anything that you can get your hands on.  Whatever you do, do it with commitment, don’t hesitate pull your punches, it’s a life or death situation.


In Las Vegas, fighting back even with a pistol would not have been an option.  The shooter was too far away (32nd floors up) so flight would have been the best option but as the it was a crowded area many were wounded (likely with a single bullet hitting more than one person).


Helping Others:

Two broad categories in helping others, getting people out of harm’s way and then providing first aid to trauma injuries. 


Dragging wounded people while under fire is not easy but adrenaline is your friend and enlist help using command voice.  People in extreme circumstances will often respond to a clear direct call to action.  “Grab her arm and help me” would be perfect. 


First aid in Las Vegas would be about airway and bleeding.  Call me crazy but a Tourniquet would be a great thing to have in a small bag along with some EMT scissors and an Israeli bandage.  Sure you might have to explain it to security but I bet most of the time it would be allowed.  The scissors would not pass the TSA for an airline though. 

  • Bold Commerce Collaborator  2 Person Bundle 2 Person Bundle 0

After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a distinct pattern emerged from our customers purchases and comments.  Water Storage, Survival Kits, Storable Food were in great demand before and even during the storms.  OK for next season is now offering a standard package for two people and for four people to survive relatively comfortably for 3-4 days.  This is the basic plan for any budget:

  • Thomas Walker
Using Health Savings and Flexible Spending Account for First Aid Kits

Using Health Savings and Flexible Spending Account for First Aid Kits 0

Do you have a Health Spending Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) from your employer?  These plans allow employees to use pre-tax dollar to purchase qualified expenses usually eyeglasses, medical devices, prescriptions etc.  What is not widely known is that First Aid Kits and other medical supplies most likely qualify for your HSA or FSA.

  • Thomas Walker
Wash. DC Financial Crisis - Prepare While There Is Still Time

Wash. DC Financial Crisis - Prepare While There Is Still Time 0

Preppers have heard about a collapse date for at least 30 years but the doddering DC establishment, the Swamp, has managed to keep things from completely cratering mostly by borrowing more money.  That time is now at an end.  The US Treasury now has $168B in cash or about 50-60 day’s worth of activity.  The National Debt is now at $19.96T (yes that’s Trillion) dollars or $166,000 per taxpayer.  The current borrowing authority is $20T.  Game over, checkmate and let me now tell you why.

Canned Meats a Tasty Alternative

Canned Meats a Tasty Alternative 2

Canned meats are experiencing a resurgence in the Prepper Market as people realize that surviving can mean thriving.  We don’t have to be bored with less tasteful foods or grains, cereals, especially when weight is not a prime consideration.  Canned meats come in two standard sizes, 14.5oz and Quarts or 28oz.  The small cans are good for 1-2 people and the larger size will feed 3-4.  This week I did a survey of available suppliers of canned meats and the results are as expected.  High quality Non-GMO, Anti-biotic and Hormone free products carry the highest prices.  I was able to find a couple of providers that provided a quality product but they are aggregators, not raising their own livestock and thus have less control over how the animals are managed prior to slaughter.

Could You Survive The London Bridge and Borough Market Attack?

Could You Survive The London Bridge and Borough Market Attack? 0

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” said Pro Boxer Mike Tyson.  Thinking about self-defense is one thing but when you are in a fight and taking punches to the face is something else.  It hurts a lot!  Yet if you are fighting for your life it’s important not to panic, keep breathing and focus on some very basic principles.  What is the motive of your attacker?  If it is a terror attack, like the recent attacks in London, there will be no mercy.  This article will look the four things that can keep you alive in an event like the Jihadist attack in London:  Distance, Improvisation, Defense, and a fighting Mindset.