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Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light! 0

Prepping and Lights:

 Let there be light! Lighting is a key category for preppers and survival.  At home, on the road, in the backcountry, EDC or anywhere you are at in an emergency. has you covered with flashlights, lanterns using batteries or multi-fuels, headlamps, and solar powered lanterns. 

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Water Filters - On the Go or At Home

Water Filters - On the Go or At Home 0

We need water to live, 3 days without water and you are in serious danger of death.  Dirty water look like a reasonable trade-off, but if you have ever been sick with Giardia, Cryptosporidium or Cholera etc. dying might not be such a bad alternative.  Just kidding.  Luckily we preppers don’t have to make that choice.  For a small investment you can store clean water at home and filter almost any water while in the backcountry, during an emergency or simply travelling to areas with poor sanitation. has you covered.


Meet Your Water threats:


Protozoa: Amoebae, Giardia, Cryptosporidium 

  • Animal single-cell organisms, 1 - 15 microns* in size, which like bacteria get into drinking water through animal and human feces
  • These hard-shelled parasites form cysts, which lead to acute gastrointestinal diseases in humans
  • Common in unfiltered surface water. Have also been found in drinking water (Milwaukee, London, Sydney)
  • A single cell is all it takes for an infection

Bacteria: E-Coli, Salmonella, Cholera

  • Single-cell organism 0.2 - 5 microns* in size
  • Propagate quickly in warm environments and particular in water,depending on the supply of nutrients
  • Become dangerous if they are mixed together with human and animal feces in the drinking water

Viruses: Hepatitis A, Norwalk Virus, Rota Virus

  • Tiny parasites 0.02 - 0.2 microns*
  • Can only propagate in living cells since they do not possess their own metabolism
  • Get into drinking water through animal and human feces
  • Near populated areas, where wastewater can get into drinking water



Water Filters on the Go:

When you are the moving outside of your home there are a couple of considerations.  How many people (1, 2-3  4 or more).  How long -  is this a day trip, a week or an extended period?  Are you moving constantly or are you staying in a fixed location.  We carry products that will support you in all of these scenarios.


One Person on the Move:

Going from point A to B in the backcountry or foreign travel for one person means, light quick and fast!  Easyprepper only carries products that will take out the above parasites but also chemicals and metals.  Come back alive! Look at these items:

  • GrayL
  • Berkey Sport Bottle
  • Sawyer
  • Katadyn BeFree
  • Katadyn Micropur Tablets
  • Coghlans Germicidal Tablets


Grayl is a unique product for one person that uses a “French press” approach to pushing the water through the patented filter.  This allows for a much smaller and lighter filter.  Extremely effective its Fill, Press and drink great tasting healthy water.  Each filter element will process 40 Gallons of water and removes lead, arsenic in addition to parasites, bacteria and viruses.  Grayl is an EasyPrepper Pick and guaranteed to be in stock for immediate shipping.  $59.50 for the Grayl water filter including one filter cartridge, additional filter cartridges are available for $24.50.


Berkey Sport Bottle is a similarly sized personal water filter for travel or backcountry. The 8oz empty Berkey Sports Bottle holds 22oz of water and uses the well known Berkey Black Filter to purify the water.  For raw non-tap water the bottle is good for 160 refills and on city water 640 refills.  The bottle is BPA free (like all Easyprepper products) and has similar performance to the Grayl.  The Berkey Sports Bottle is $29.95 and replacement filters are available at $19.00 each.

Sawyer Water Filter.  We carry the full line of Sawyer water filter products.  They offer great purification at an economical price point and currently being used in 80+ countries around the world for emergency use and daily use to purify water.  The Sawyer Mini 2-Pack is a popular product that provides two 16oz pouches, two in-line filters, drinking straws and tubing.  The min-filter will process 100,000 gallons of water and remove 99.9999%+ of the water threats we highlighted.  They work!  The two pack which is great for traveling, light weight camping and emergency preparedness is $41.28 well under most retailers. 


Katadyn is a Swiss company and makes a variety of products from Expedition Level water filters serving 20 or more people to individual units.  The Katadyn Pocket Microfilter is my personal favorite.  I have several of these and have used them for decades without failure or getting sick, I just change the cartridge at the proper interval.  Not the lightest but the Pocket MicroFilter is indestructible.  Katadyn also makes products that stack up quite well with Grayl, Berkey and Sawyer portable offerings.  The Katadyn MyBottle at $59.95 is a direct competitor with Grayl and is registered with the US EPA.  Offering filtering performance equal to the Grayl but the filter does not last quite as long 26 gals vs. 40 gals.  International travel is a great application for the Katadyn MyBottle.  The Katadyn BeFree is a lightweight very flexible BPA bottle filter combination that offers great performance at reasonable price point.  We like this product due to the very compact filter design and value for money.  This product has won several awards from Backpackers Magazine and Runners World.  We have a great price on the BeFree at $39.95 and we also carry the replacement BeFree cartridges for $24.95.  Lastly with Katadyn are the Micropure tablets.  20 tablets to a pack and each tablet treats one quart/liter of water for the common parasites.  Yes, these are effective at treating the water and we carry the Katadyn tablets as they don’t have an aftertaste common with water treatment tablets.  Selling for $7.75 these are a great back-up to your primary system due to very light weight and long shelf life.


We also carry Coghlans water treatment tablets in a bottle of 50 tablets that treats 25 quarts/liters of water.  Unlike the Katadyn Micropure tablets which are chlorine based the Coghlans are iodine based and should not be used on a continual basis.  Perfect for a short term emergency, these tablets are $5.82 for 50.  Again, we would use these as a back-up to your primary water filter system.


Water Filtration at Home or Berkey, Berkey, Berkey:

The Berkey water filter system is a gravity feed technology that uses the world famous Black Berkey Filter, which is effective and fast at filtering large volumes of water.  The top of the line Crown Berkey with 8 Black Filters can process 25 gallons an hour and has a holding capacity of 6 gallons.  Let’s do some math:  25 Gallons/Hour x’s 24 Hours is 600 gallons a day of pure water.  Assuming people need 1.5-3 gallons a day that is 200-400 people in the extreme that a single Crown Berkey could support in an emergency. Wow!  $625 is a pretty reasonable price for this impressive product when you think about its capabilities.  Now more common applications would be large group campouts, large families, athletic clubs, restaurants, hotels, community centers, emergency services centers (fire stations, police stations, shelters etc.) 


Even the family sized Big Berkey will filter 3.5-7 gallons an hour depending on the number of Black Filters used.  We have the two filter Big Berkey for the amazing price of $258.00  We have used Big Berkey’s in the backcountry on horse packing hunting trips for many years.  They really do work well, fast and no hunters get sick.  Nothing will ruin a hunting trip faster than food/water poisoning.  In an emergency situation or in the back country we rely on Berkey.  The Big Berkey is also great for home use.  Each Berkey Black Filter has a capacity of 3,000 gallons.  So a system with two filters will purify 6,000 gallons etc.  Plenty of capcity for home drinking water usage. We offer a two pack of Berkey Black Filters for $107.00

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Where Are The Bees! Prepper Update

Where Are The Bees! Prepper Update 1

It is estimated that 1/3 of the food we eat is due to honey bee pollination.  Honey bees transfer pollen and seeds fertilizing plants to produce crops. Bees pollinate 70 of the 100 crop species that are responsible for 90% of world’s food. For preppers understanding the potential threat from a decline in honey bees is critical as well storing and using honey.  In 2010, Cornell reported that honey bees are responsible for pollinating $19 billion worth of crops including almonds, cherries, blueberries, apples, oranges, squash, sunflowers, clover, alfalfa, sugar beets, asparagus, broccoli carrots, and onions. WOW! In addition, honey bees improve the crop yield of other foods such as eggplant, lima beans, peppers, soybeans and strawberries. What doesn’t the honey bee do?
Ready Dog Products -  Canine First Aid Kits

Ready Dog Products - Canine First Aid Kits 0

Ready Dog Products was founded by a dedicated bird hunter who needed to help his dog in the field after a severe injury.  The Ready Dog Products carried by include a dedicated first aid kit and two compact wound treatment products.  Ready Dog Products 

Las Vegas -  Thoughts for Preppers

Las Vegas - Thoughts for Preppers 0

Las Vegas is now the worst shooting in American history (if you don’t count Wounded Knee etc).  59 dead, hundreds wounded/injured by a “single” gunman 32 floors up in the air. At least that’s the current official story. 


For preppers the immediate concerns in mass casualty events are as follows:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Decisive Action
  • Helping Others


Situational Awareness:

Terror Attacks and Mass Murder events except for the odd stabbing are usually targeted at places where large groups of people gather.  Obvious but we are not going to stop living our lives, we love concerts, movies, restaurants and walking areas like we saw in Nice or the Ramblas in Spain.  But while living our lives it is critical to do some thinking. 


Where are the exits, what are possible approaches for an attacks?  If there is an attack what is the first choice of exit, second choice?


Where is the “rally” point, the place where you will reconnect with friends and family if you get separated.  Could be initially the car, then a large street intersection nearby or a hotel that is visible. 


These actions dont take long, exits are always well marked but a little bit of planning could be a life saver.


Decisive Action:

Fight or Flight is the immediate decision.  Like the brave man in the UK restaurant row attack who engaged the three Islamic terrorists and while wounded critically he likely saved many lives, including his own.  Alternatively, having decided which exit is closest and being prepared to recognize an attack for what it is (not firecrackers, cars backfiring, etc.) you may be able to exit the scene unharmed.  Remember in an emergency exits will get crowded, many injuries in Las Vegas were from trampling at the exits.  Falling in a compressed crowd could be deadly. 


If you choose to fight, use a weapon if you have one, though often a concealed carry firearm in not permitted in a concert venue.  Grab a chair, use a fire extinguisher or a fire ax or fire hose, throw bottles, glasses, silverware, ashtrays, anything that you can get your hands on.  Whatever you do, do it with commitment, don’t hesitate pull your punches, it’s a life or death situation.


In Las Vegas, fighting back even with a pistol would not have been an option.  The shooter was too far away (32nd floors up) so flight would have been the best option but as the it was a crowded area many were wounded (likely with a single bullet hitting more than one person).


Helping Others:

Two broad categories in helping others, getting people out of harm’s way and then providing first aid to trauma injuries. 


Dragging wounded people while under fire is not easy but adrenaline is your friend and enlist help using command voice.  People in extreme circumstances will often respond to a clear direct call to action.  “Grab her arm and help me” would be perfect. 


First aid in Las Vegas would be about airway and bleeding.  Call me crazy but a Tourniquet would be a great thing to have in a small bag along with some EMT scissors and an Israeli bandage.  Sure you might have to explain it to security but I bet most of the time it would be allowed.  The scissors would not pass the TSA for an airline though. 

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After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a distinct pattern emerged from our customers purchases and comments.  Water Storage, Survival Kits, Storable Food were in great demand before and even during the storms.  OK for next season is now offering a standard package for two people and for four people to survive relatively comfortably for 3-4 days.  This is the basic plan for any budget:

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