EasyPrepper.net 2 Person Bundle

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EasyPrepper.net 2 Person Bundle

EasyPrepper.net  2 Person Bundle

After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a distinct pattern emerged from our customers purchases and comments.  Water Storage, Survival Kits, Storable Food were in great demand before and even during the storms.  OK for next season Easyprepper.net is now offering a standard package for two people and for four people to survive relatively comfortably for 3-4 days.  This is the basic plan for any budget:


The EasyPrepper Package for Two:


Total separate price is $366

Bundle Savings 10% ($37)

EasyPrepper Bundle Price $339


This is the minimum kit to get through the period of time after a disaster strikes (Hurricane, Earthquake, winter storm etc.) and before organized help can arrive usually 2-5 days.  You can augment with everyday items like canned foods, bottled water, personal tools and supplies. 


If you have a household of 4-5 people or the particular emergency looks to be longer in duration e.g. Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico then just buy two bundles.

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