Let There Be Light!

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Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light!

Prepping and Lights:


Let there be light! Lighting is a key category for preppers and survival.  At home, on the road, in the backcountry, EDC or anywhere you are at in an emergency. Easyprepper.net has you covered with flashlights, lanterns using batteries or multi-fuels, headlamps, and solar powered lanterns. 



You can never have too many, from small to palm sized spotlights, tactical.  The key measurement of light output is “Lumens”…..higher is better.  Look for 150 or more in a handheld flashlight.  Klarus is our premium flashlight, 1600-2000 lumens in a compact indestructible format.  Fenixis a great alternative to Klarus with high lumens at a lower price point.  Great for everyday use.  Streamlight is a tried and true brand of flashlights, lanterns and headlamps. Perfect for camping hunting.  Nightstickmakes great area lights that are rechargeable. 


Headlamps provide light and keep your hands free, perfect for camping, hiking at night, or working during a power outage.  Princeton Tec is our primary headlamp brand and Princetec makes great ultralight lanterns and handheld lights also. 



Lanterns fall into a couple of categories, area lights where weight is not a concern, camping lanterns where weight matters and then there are choices of fuel or power.  Battery powered, kerosene, gas, propane etc.  We have them all!  For the ultimate in area lighting with multiple fuel choices see Britelyt not only efficient with fuel but they provide a lot of light and are near works of art.  Britelyt is the best of the best.  See our extensive collection of Lanterns for all the options.


Light sources provide security, comfort, extend you work hours and can literally make the difference between life and death.  Make sure you have fresh batteries, rechargeable lights are a great way to keep flashlights and lanterns charged.  Don’t forget to keep flashlights in an easy access place when the lights go out.   

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